“Great overview of strategies to consider for tax saving and protection.” Houston, TX  Business Owner

“[I] learned about different options to protect our business and how to be on the legal side as well.” Houston, TX Business Owner

Taxation Today has developed a unique and efficient way to introduce tax planning services for entrepreneurs.   You will attend a short, information-packed, four-hour workshop, so that you can learn what you need to know, as a business owner, to make the right decisions about your business and for your family.  Frequently, business owners make the mistake of believing that the path to reducing one’s taxes is merely looking for missed deductions on a tax return prepared by a knowledgeable and competent CPA.  Meanwhile, they are missing the bigger picture.

Your livelihood extends well beyond the filing of a tax return, buying equipment at the end of the year, or getting a refund.  Tax and business ownership can impact more than your annual tax return to threaten your legacy or personal wealth.  Taxation Today’s workshop educates business owners on the close relationship tax has to the health of not only the business, but also the business owner’s legacy.

Our workshops are taught by knowledgeable experts who have experience in working with the owners of family businesses.  In our workshops, we ‘translate’ the technical issues relating to tax laws surrounding business owners.  The result?  A fundamental discussion of how your business decisions directly impact today’s tax liability and tomorrow’s legacy.